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Battery Monitor/Coulometer 350A to 500A with Shunt

Battery Monitor/Coulometer 350A to 500A with Shunt


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The AMPTRON? battery monitor is a high precision current type battery capacity meter (also known as a coulometer) designed to monitor the performance of battery systems. The unit continuously measures voltage, charge and discharge current, energy consumed and remaining battery capacity (State of Charge). This information leads to more efficient use of the battery system.

The product can monitor most battery types, include Lithium ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lead Acid and Nickel-metal Hydride batteries with a working voltage from 8V to 80V.

The monitor can monitor large continuous current flows of up to 350A, and up to 500A for 10s.

The combo system is easy to install DIY. The meter is suitable for use in mobile and portable powerpacks and equipment; cars; boats; recreational vehicles; Offroad and 4×4 vehicles; e-bikes etc.

Features at a glance:

  • Battery status.
  • Forward (positive) and Reverse (negative) current flow at the same time.
  • Consumed energy (as Amp hours).
  • Remaining battery capacity (as a % or Amp hours)
  • Dual display for Voltage (V)
    Current (A), Power (W)
    Ampere-hour (Ah),
    Working Hours (H), Charging Time, Discharging Time
    Battery capacity (%)
  • Flexible on-line calibration function.
  • Low power consumption.
  • No external power required when monitoring above 10V